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Wipro to Develop Solutions of Automation with the Rockwell Automation


The Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), the part of Wipro, hopes to make solutions of automation for ventures utilizing Rockwell Automation’s items.

The organization stated it has sanctioned a deal with the Rockwell Automation headquartered US through the arm WIN Automation Solutions to get into the developing industrial automation market.

Pratik Kumar, the CEO of WIN, stated the organization might aim to accomplish $100 million in the coming five years in the industrial automation income thinking about the opportunities.

Kumar further stated, “We are essentially toward the beginning of our voyage for the solutions of WIN Automation … As the directional number, our organization thinks $100 million in the following five years is something that is feasible. It might be a blend of inorganic and organic. Joining forces with the Rockwell Automation is the critical achievement” and “it will further reinforce the organization’s recommendation of being the main frameworks integrator in the business of industrial automation”.

The opportunities in industrial automation incorporate the services, for example, successful review of the vehicles utilizing correct insights for the sector of automotive; enhancing the operational efficiencies by better utilization of the assets; early recognition of the imperfections in the products. The market of industrial automation in India for assembling is pegged at about $2 billion and out of which the opportunity for the systems integrators of third-party, for example, the Wipro and various others is worth almost $400 million.

Kumar stated that the WIN Automation Solutions might work intently and develop solutions for industrial customers with the assistance of the products and solutions of Rockwell Automation’s.

He included that the extent of the chance for the systems integrator in the space of automation is not quite the same as that of the pure services opportunity of the IT.

Dilip Sawhney, the MD of Rockwell Automation India, stated this is the “solutions based on partnership” and it might help enter the market in Indian better. He trusts that for the mature industrial clients it has come down to having the upfront talk on the venture achievement parameters and the joint methodology with the experience of WIN might prove effective. This segment can possibly be large as it isn’t globalized till now, stated Pareekh Jain, the founder of Pareekh Consultant.


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