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Save Children from Risk Factors of Overweight Using Vitamin D


As per results of a research, supplements of Vitamin D could advance weight reduction in children those are obese.

It might likewise help in decreasing the hazard factors of getting affected in future with metabolic and heart disorders in case of overweight children.

These results demonstrate that the basic supplementation of vitamin D might be a part of a successful methodology to handle obesity in childhood and lessen the danger of genuine medical issues, for example, heart disorders, in the adulthood.

The research reported that youngsters under the medication of supplements of vitamin D had notably lower body fat, body mass index and enhanced cholesterol levels following a year utilization of the supplementation.

Professor Evangelia Charmandari, lead researcher, from the University of Athens Medical School, said, “These results propose that basic vitamin D supplementation may diminish the danger of obesity and overweight in youngsters that is developing serious metabolic and heart disorders in the future.”

The research was presented on the occasion of the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology’s 57th Annual Meeting.

In their next research, the group will be studying whether supplements of vitamin D can enhance the health of adolescents and children suffering from obesity who have determined to have disorders that are related to obesity, for example, high level of cholesterol, high level of blood sugar, and high BP.

Professor Evangelia Charmandari said, “Despite the fact that these underlying results show that vitamin D could be utilized in obesity treatment, there remains an absence of proof on the security and effects of long-term supplementation, especially if there is no lack of vitamin D. But, if your kid is obese or overweight I suggest that you need to consult your physician for guidance, and consider getting tested their levels of vitamin D.”

“Future research is ought to reveal what is the basic mechanisms that clarify the particular connection between visceral adipose tissue and vitamin D.”


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