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Complete Range of Electric Vehicles in India By Hyundai


Hyundai Motor, a South Korean auto pioneer is intending to launch its full range of electric vehicles in India as it endeavors to grow its product offerings to contend with pioneers in the market such as Maruti Suzuki for a greater share of the Indian streets. Close to Maruti Suzuki declaring plans to make electric vehicles by 2020, Hyundai has authorized an examination to explore production of such vehicles in India. Along with this, the globally successful Kona SUV by importing CKD packs will be launching by the end of 2019 in India. MD of Hyundai Motor India, YK Koo, believes that the point is to have a variety of electric autos in India and provide purchasers in various price segments. Koo further expressed that they will be implementing top-notch approaches for electric vehicles in India, post production of Kona EV, they are analyzing if they can produce compact Sedan and SUVs in India. They desire deeper footprints in the Indian markets of electric vehicles and they are waiting for support from the government. Kona is the beginning stage, and they need to choose one product to begin fabricating from their Chennai plant — however it will take a smidgen of time, Koo concluded.

The plan of the launch may not really set Hyundai against Maruti Suzuki directly, the biggest auto creator which is foreseen to come up with a new series of small cars; however it will allow Hyundai to turn out with contrasting options to take part in the state-run Energy Efficient Services Ltd’s (EESL) contract later on. Similar to the vast majority of the market, Hyundai Motor India had created cross breed vehicles for the local market, yet a spike in the rate of GST for those vehicles constrained the South Korean carmaker to stop its hybrid vehicles totally and move to electric vehicles. Koo further said that as the Kona SUV is introduced it will be estimated above Rs 20-25 lakh, which is just a technology demonstrator for Hyundai in India, including there are different items which can be introduced to India at a large portion of the cost, gave the motivating forces to electric vehicles, be it in type of improvement of environment or endowments at the end cost of the vehicles are resolved in FAME 2.



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