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A Few Companies in Canada Adopting Nap Time Perks with a Goal to Enhance Work Efficiency


Napping while at work is not simply allowed at Bob Vaez’s software organization, it’s progressively being encouraged. The Toronto chief of EventMobi depicts himself as the main CEO that encourages individuals to take a nap while at work, expressing that this policy boosts the morale of employees and enhances the productivity. It can help enhance performance, restore alertness, reduce mistakes and accidents, and enhance performance, found a recent study. The study suggests that the boost in alertness after taking a nap may sustain for a couple of hours.

Napping can likewise have psychological advantages. With that in mind, EventMobi’s waterfront office with the open-concept includes a private rest room where the employees can get a couple minutes to take a nap in the event that they feel languid, or simply get some alone time in a dim space in case they don’t feel very well. Vaez explains that it if from his own experience that naps can be efficient, thereby encouraging him to build a personal space for employees.  The advantages of sufficient sleep are well-known, yet Vaez’s interest to address tired staff members in such an immediate way is comparatively uncommon. Nonetheless, he is not alone.

Google Canada Representative Aaron Brindle explains nap rooms are also found in the tech giant’s workplaces across the globe, including the Toronto office where a wellbeing space for nursing moms can be saved for taking a break, or sleeping. Another space at their designing home office in Kitchener, Ont., includes two top notch chairs with vast circular security visors for additional worn out workers hoping to get some nap time.


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